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Developer's Workshop Information


    Village Information

  1. Village of Robbins exempt PINS. 


      2. Village of Robbins color-coded map

3. Important County information to view pins ( Cook County Viewer, Cook County Recorder of deeds, Cook County property tax portal)

4. Village contractor list.

5.Village Development process

​Attorney Information
Tax Sale attorney Michelle Broughton-Fountain (

Defense Attorney
Samuel Jackson ( 773) 620-0923

Financial Information
Gerald Stewart- 203k Home Renovation loan  ( 708) 470-9882


Brittny Ward - Self Help Credit Union ( 580 credit score for home mortgages and renovation)

Phone: 877-369-2828  Ext. 8315

Branch Location:  5601 W 127th Street Crestwood, IL 60418

Kimothy Lee - Please click on PDF below to see information dealing with loans and other mortgage offers as low as 520 credit score

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