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Issue a Complaint

If you have a concern that you would like to report within The Village of Robbins, please complete and submit the form below. The Village of Robbins will handle all concerns in an expeditious manner.

Hometown Hero

Robbins is home to numerous veterans. Those who have fought in past battles, and those who are fighting in present-day battles. We want to be sure every veteran past, and current, receives honor from their hometown. The Hometown Hero Banner Program gives us an opportunity to recognize our brave heroes for their contributions to keeping us safe and free. To honor a hometown hero, please complete and submit the application below. Or, mail or drop off your application to The Robbins Village Hall at 3327 W 137th St, Robbins, IL 60472.

Village Vehicle Sticker Rates

Village Vehicle stickers must be present and visible on all resident's vehicles of the Village of Robbins. Visit the Village Hall at 3327 W. 137th St, Robbins, Illinois, to purchase yours today. Click the image to view sticker rates.


Our Condolences

To suffer the loss of a loved one is a feeling that no one wishes to go through. The Village of Robbins is here to offer you and your family a resolution for these challenging times. Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability so The Village of Robbins can properly honor our Robbinite one last time.

Text Alerts

The Village of Robbins is continuously improving our communication between the administration and our residents of the Village. We are currently creating a database with resident contact numbers to generate and send mass text messages with Village updates and more to those who sign.  

Developer's Workshop

The Office of the Mayor is dedicated to developing Robbins residents into developers. Please click on link for Developer's Workshop information

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